Medical Terminology

Medical Terminology is the study of medical language. This short course will cover the essentials of medical terminology, including recognition of roots, prefixes, and suffixes, combine words to create meaningful medical conditions, and spell medical words correctly. This course will also cover important medical vocabulary related to all major systems in the human body.

OMCC offers this online self-study course that allow students to study at home. Whether you are new to the medical profession or just need a refresher class, this medical terminology course is for you.

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OMCC offers a flexible, self-paced 6-day online study medical terminology course.

Class Schedule Program Length
Online Learning Flexible, self-paced 6 working days

Medical Terminology Online

OMCC online Medical Terminology class consists of six (6) days of independent, interactive learning followed by a final exam that must be taken on-site at the Dayton main campus.

Course materials are accessible through our virtual classroom. To register:

  • Please email to begin the registration process.
  • Stop by OMCC Dayton Main Campus to submit your payment and activate your account.
  • For cost information and technical assistance, please call (937) 567-8880.